Two players, shooting and tweaks.

by Mark Skyzoid

Today I have spent majority of the time working on implementing the controls for both Players. In order to do so, I had to fix some issues regarding the code that controls that detection of player by AI entities. Now both players can be detected and one target at time will be selected.

I have also worked on the camera. Now, the camera follows both players and smoothly adjusts its position in order to keep them on screen. So, as the distance between the players increases so does the distance of the camera from them.

Another feature I have added is the ability of players to shoot lasers. Now you can go around the level and shoot hundreds of bullets at the same time. I will have to implement a health system for enemies and for the players, but I will defer this task to another day.

Moreover, at the end of the working day, I had much fun adding some features to improve the overall fun of the game. I have tweaked things like bullet speed, I have added some placeholder shooting sounds, I have written some code to have random shooting inaccuracy, so each bullet will have a slightly different spawning position, and finally I have added some camera shake when the players shoot in order to improve the feedback to the user.

Overall, it has been a very productive day and I am quite glad of the progress we are making on this game.