Proceedings @ Teesside University

by Mark Skyzoid

Hello again followers of this(unknown) blog!

I’m still alive and posting, in this boring moment 🙂

My studies at the University of Teesside are proceeding very well(I must say that!) 🙂

I completed my first 2 assessments and soon I will be assessed again(yeah hard times for me)…

The first assessment was a C++ programming test. I must say it was easy(at least for me), but the time was too short! I left the last question almost completely blank(and it was a design + implementation of the fibonacci’s series: easy stuff) and this fact made me lost 10 marks(moments when you think about suicide)…otherwise the test would have been almost perfect. So, timing was the biggest difficulty, also considered that the most of students didn’t know anything about programming before starting the course…the questions were about functions, arrays, functions + arrays, some std lib and also some “human compiling” :p…basic stuff…but I think that many people found it hard…it could have been a little easier…

The other assessment was a maths test. Now, we are studying mainly 3d math and this test was about the first unit of the module: vectors. So we had vector addition, subtraction, multiplication with scalars, dot product, cross product…and also parametric forms of straight lines…Now you would think it could be a bit scary…but actually I was a bit disappointed with this test, mainly because it was too simple…no problem solving skills were required and it was only about doing exercises mechanically…I want see everyone dealing with computer graphics problems next year…

Anyway, the material provided by lecturers is quite good and, so, it’s only a matter of private study and asking yourself questions…and a lot of trial and error 😀

Now, my next assessment will be a short presentation comparing 2 game engines: Unreal Engine and one of our choice…I think I’ll for Uningine(also because the names are similiar :p)…but I don’t really have no clue about making a poster(one power point slide) comparing the two technologies…so any help is aprecieted 😛

Also, I went to the career fair held @ the uni and I met representatives from Eutechnyx and Jagex Game Studio(and also I joined their recruitment programmes :D)…

To conclude, I can’t complain about the uni which is a lot exciting, but I am still looking forward next year(3d graphics programming :sbav: )

Stay tuned for my next post! see ya!